Workshops information

School Sports Science Testing Workshops

At Academy Conditioning we can offer your school a range of fully interactive Sports Science Testing workshops, where your students will participate in activities testing their fitness and athletic ability using our specialist technology and equipment. Your students will gain insight on how Sports Science is used to test athlete’s fitness and physical performance and how we use the technology and equipment in this process. Your students will be provided with an interactive learning experience that has been designed to fully engage and stimulate interest in the ever expanding field of sport science.

Benefits of Our Workshops

  • Our range of workshops are ideal for your school enrichment and learning activities and can easily be utilised as additional learning classes, extra- curricular activities, alternative PE lessons or a great way to utilise your PPA time.
  • Our workshops can support your own school programs to improve academic performance and positive student outcomes in sport, health and fitness
  • Help boost Ofsted ratings by utilising are services to provide your students with alternative interactive learning practices, in line with Ofsted’s own guidelines and recommendations for engaging students in alternative practices in sport, health and fitness
  • We can provide, support and bring to life your students curriculum theory G.C.S.E and AS /A-level PE, sport and sport science lessons, in support of  national examination bodies’ criteria (AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR) within the confines of your own school setting
  • Our workshops provide additional support for teachers and can easily be incorporated into schemes of work such as fitness testing and performance analysis type projects.
  • Our workshops provide a great opportunity to promote to your students career opportunities and education pathways open to them in the field of sport, sport science and fitness.
  • Our workshops are designed to engage and inspire a whole range of your students from those: studying PE, sport or sport science, students involved in team and individual sport, talented and gifted sports programs as well as stimulate new interest to students not involved in sporting curricular studies.