Sports Science Testing Workshops and Programs

Sport Science, Technology, Fitness, Health, Athletic Development
Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Colleges

Sport Science Testing Workshops and Programs

Our educational sports science testing workshops and programs engage, educate and provide young people and students with the opportunity to discover and learn about fitness, health, and well-being through sports science and technology.

Our workshops and programs bring to life the science of how fitness and athletic performance are measured, by providing an interactive, fun and informative learning experience that provides young people and students with insight and knowledge in the field of sports science and fitness testing.

Students and young learners participate in practical sport science fitness testing incorporated with interactive teaching methods to accommodate various student learning styles.

Our workshops and programs have been designed to incorporate and enhance your students’ curriculum studies in P.E, sport and sport science

The interactive design of the workshops also accommodate students in STEM subjects or in non-sporting curricular studies

Our workshops and programs aim to develop young people with insight and interest in the world of sport science, fitness and technology

We use an array of technology and equipment, incorporated with interactive teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles

Interactive educational workshops, programs, and activities

Students learn and gain insight on:

Develop insight on strategies and activities to improve and develop their own fitness, athletic ability

Develop a deeper understanding of their own personal fitness and athletic ability

Participate and learn about activities measuring fitness and athletic performance

Learn how sport science and technology is used to measure fitness and physical performance

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