Aspiring athlete program

Athletic Development of Young Athletes
Helping and supporting future sports men and women

Our Aspiring athlete program is for young athletes ages 14-21 years

The Academy Conditioning Aspiring Athlete Program is designed for talented and aspiring athletes to incorporate testing and sport science support that will enhance their physical performance goals and athletic development. The program is designed to help young athletes build a competitive training edge.

Our testing program helps assess the athletic performance levels for young athletes and provides them with education on how they can improve their athletic ability for their sport. Our program also helps support sports coaches to monitor and track the athletic development of young performers as well provide parents with a profile of their child’s athletic ability.

This is an advanced testing program for:

  • Talented and Gifted Athletes
  • Aspiring Athletes

On our program young performers will be provided with:

  • Testing support to track and monitor their fitness and athletic development
  • Educational support and training advice of best practices for performance and athletic development
  • Guidance to gain the competitive edge in their athletic performance

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