Assessing Fitnesss and Athletic Performance using Sport Science

Helping young people and athletes achieve success

in fitness education and athletic performance

What we do

Introduce young people to a world of sport science and fitness education

Provide an interactive learning experience through interactive workshops and programs

Help athletes achieve their fitness performance goals

Use the latest technology to test and assess physical performance

Athlete Testing

Fitness  Testing
Aspiring athlete program

Schools and Colleges

Sports Science Testing Workshops and Programs
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Why Get Tested?

Academy Conditioning testing programs are designed for athletes to incorporate testing into their fitness goals to build a competitive training edge.

Benefits of our programs include:
  • Specialist testing and training advice
  • Gaining a competitive fitness and athletic performance edge
Our testing programs help you as an athlete:
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your fitness and athletic performance
  • Track and monitor the progress of your fitness and athletic ability
  • Help give you the edge in your sport and competition
  • Use test measures to guide you towards training smarter in your fitness and development
  • Aids you or your coach to monitor the progress of your training programs

Fun and Challenging Activities



“I would give this course a 10/10.

I really enjoyed running the sprinting test and have learnt about how power is used in the body and how it can be used in different sports”.

Student (6th form)

“I liked the jump test as we were able to participate in measuring against each other’s progress.

The knowledge I have gained will now help when I am at the gym”.


“I really enjoyed learning new stretching exercises and testing my abilities.

I also learnt how to use new techniques to improve my sprinting. I play basketball and football so being able to test my ability, speed and power will help me track my progress”

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