Sports Science Fitness Testing Programs

Secondary schools, Colleges, Community


Sport Science Fitness Testing program


We can develop your own school or organisation sport Science Fitness Testing program for the needs of your young people or students, teaching them about sport science and enhancing their awareness of how they can improve their fitness and athletic performance for sport and general fitness. They will  gain insight and strategies on how they can develop their overall fitness and athletic ability for their own sport or general fitness in areas of speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, with the long-term aim to aid athletic and physical development

Primary School (year 3 –6), Community 


Fitness Testing challenge program

We can develop a fitness testing challenge program with your school or organisation to engage younger children  through measuring and developing their physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, with interactive learning and fun challenging athletic fitness training sessions, developing athletic ability in areas of speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, balance, and co-ordination.


Have your own bespoke program tailored to the needs of your school or organisation


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