What We Do

Academy Conditioning provides fitness and athletic performance testing, education, and support to athletes and young people to take their fitness and physical performance to the next level

Educational workshops and programs

In our workshops and programs we provide an interactive, fun and informative learning experience that provides insight and knowledge in the field of sport science and fitness testing that engages and provides education in fitness, sport science, health, wellbeing and athletic development, by using sport science and technology.

Helping gain insight and understanding of fitness and athletic performance

Using testing measures to develop fitness and athletic performance levels

Providing insight and strategies to improve and develop fitness and athletic performance levels

Testing Fitness and Performance

In our workshops and programs our tests incorporate a series of standardised tests that assess athletic fitness in areas of:


  • Linear speed
  • Acceleration speed


  • Ability to turn, accelerate and decelerate

Strength and Power

  • Leg strength
  • Leg power

Range of Motion and Stability

  • Range of motion and stability testing


  • Distance and recovery testing
  • Repeated sprint testing

Athletes will receive:

  • Test report – Profiling your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Development guidance – Advice on how to use the test results to develop your fitness and athletic ability

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