School Workshop Terms and Conditions – Draft no online booking info

Terms & Conditions

School Sport Science Testing Workshops

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before completing any bookings

After bookings have been confirmed we will issue you/your school with an invoice

  • We accept BACS payments – Please inform us  if you wish to pay via BACS
  • BACS payments need to be paid in advance of the workshop up to 7 days prior to the start date of the workshop. We will provide you with the payment details on confirmation of the bookings. We request that you provide contact details of your school Finances department if financial matters are not dealt with the main contact on the booking form
  • If your school doesn’t have access to an online payment method or BACS system we will issue you/your school with an invoice – Please inform us if you wish to pay via cheque
  • Cheques must be made payable to ‘Academy Conditioning Ltd ‘ we require that the cheque must be ready for collection on the day on the workshop or the first day of the workshop if multiple bookings are made.
  • Places on workshops are fully allocated upon receipt of the completed booking form with appropriate payment and prerequisite information (see section 4).
  • Once Bookings are made a confirmation email will be sent to you/your school


Additional Costs

Travel expenses

  • We charge for additional travel expenses outside of the greater London or outside a radius of 20 mile from our London base we charge a rate of 45p per mile for a car journey
  • Cancellations


If you need to rearrange the date of your workshop(s) we will always do our best to accommodate new dates where possible.

A cancellation charge will be issued if the booking is cancelled as follows:

  • Up to one month prior to the confirmed course start date: No Charge
  • Less than fourteen days prior to the confirmed course start date: 15% of workshop(s) price
  • Less than seven days prior to the confirmed course start date: 25% of workshop(s) price


These charges are applied for administration purposes and also for the reason that we may have had to decline other bookings to secure dates to accommodate your workshop

  •  Additional charges will be applied if any pre booked travel or other expenses have been paid in relation to the planning of your workshop
  • In the event Academy Conditioning has to cancel a workshop(s), we will give the school as much notice as possible. We will work with your school to reschedule the session as quickly and as conveniently as possible.
  1. Prior to the workshop(s)


What we require prior to attending your school?

  • School time table schedule for the workshops required

In order for our workshop presenter to fully prepare for the workshops and provide your school with the most efficient workshop we will need prior notice of the following

  • The number of children participating in each workshop (for Activity days the approximate number is sufficient)
  • School time table schedule for the workshop(s) day(s)
  • Any additional information e.g. for an Activity day workshop the type of theme and information relating to the day

This will need to be approved and agreed by Academy conditioning with the school before we attend the school: This information should be emailed to   before we attend the workshop, please also include details of the main contact on arrival at the school, plus any access issues or relevant information that we should be informed of before we attend your school.


  1. Space and equipment needed to run a workshop
  • For the school Practical workshops we require use of sports hall and. projector/screen. For the Theory and Practical workshops we require use of sports hall/and or classroom, and access to a projector/screen for use of both the sports hall/and or classroom.
  • For the school Activity Day workshops and Speed day Workshops we require use of a sports hall if conducted at your school, however this will be influenced by the specific facilities your school has or how the workshop is utilised for a specific event.
  • For the Jump day workshop we require use of sports hall/large space with access to a projector/screen


  1. On the day of the workshop(s)
  • Please be aware that we require at least 1 hour to set up the equipment and dismantle the equipment so please factor this into the scheduling of access to use of a sports hall
  • Assistants required

We do request that during the Practical Workshops that at least 1-2 assistants are available and at least 2 assistants are available for the Activity Day Workshops to facilitate the presenter during the workshop(s)


  1. After the workshops
  • After completing a Practical workshop or Theory and Practical workshop your school will be given access to Academy Conditioning teacher and student workshop resources.
  • After the workshop we may provide you with or send you a short feedback form, which we would appreciate you answering as this is used as part of our staff appraisal process and continued professional development of our workshops.



Academy conditioning cannot be held responsible for any physical injuries sustained during participation of physical testing, conditioning activities or workshop activities. Academy conditioning recommends students or anyone involved in the physical testing, conditioning or workshops are presented in a suitable condition to fully participate prior to and during these activities. During the Practical workshops and Theory and Practical workshops pupils will participate in an active warm up session for the Activity Day workshops or any alternative workshops where Academy Conditioning staff are/may not be directly involved in leading the students in the workshop we recommend that participants are sufficiently warmed up for active participation in this workshop