About the courses

Academy Conditioning brings to life the theory within GCSE or AS/A-level physical education, sport and sport science subjects.

By utilising our interactive Sport Science Testing workshops, your students get:

  • To participate in activities that will give your students insight and knowledge on how sport science and technology is used to assesses athlete’s fitness and physical performance.
  • Learn in an alternative and engaging environment that stimulates your students interest and provides experiential learning in the ever expanding field of sport science
  • Have an opportunity to gain insight on career and education pathways open to your students in the field of sport, sport science and fitness
  • The benefits for your school are:
  • Our workshops could help boost your schools Ofsted ratings, by incorporating them into a school program in line with Ofsted guidelines and recommendations for providing students with alternative practices that engage students in sport, health and fitness
  • Our workshops are ideal for utilising enrichment and learning activities, alternative PE lessons or utilising PPA time within a school day or term time.
  • Our workshops are designed to aid your school and facilitate student learning in G.C.S.E and AS/A-level PE, sport or sport science by bringing to life subject curriculum theory of national examination bodies (AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR).

Our workshops utilise specialist equipment used within sport science to enrich the learning and the experience your students get.

We would love to talk more about how our workshops can help your students and benefit your school.

Academy conditioning itself is a new sports performance and fitness testing business using sports science and specialist equipment to assess the fitness levels and athletic ability of athletes or people involved in sport and fitness. I’m writing to your school as you may be interested in utilising our sports science testing workshops within your school.

The workshops are ideal for:

  • Inspiring and promoting sport science to your students studying in PE and sport
  • Students aspiring towards careers in sport,
  • Students participating in sports and talented and gifted athletes
  • Stimulate interest in sports science and fitness testing for students not involved in sporting curricular studies

Packages we offer

Practical Workshop

  • A practical learning activity workshop where students participate in practical fitness testing and gain insight on different technology and equipment used to test athletes Link
  • Theory and Practical Workshop
  • This workshop combines theory and practical application providing more in-depth learning and greater insight on how the theory of testing athletes is applied in practice. Link
  • Activity Day Workshop
  • This is a fun oriented workshop designed to engage all students this is ideal for activity day event, sports week events, Alternative P.E lessons or extra–curricular activities Link

If you require further information and assistance feel free to contact me

Sports Performance Testing Director